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Mercian 11spd 105

Last week one of our regular customers came in with his old but beautiful 531 Mercian road bike, it was equipped with old 105, he was looking to upgrade to 11spd 105, we talked him through what parts he would require for the build then we got to work.

Stripping the bike back to the frame and fork, we gave it a deep clean, making sure all threads etc were spotless, we feel when the bike is getting fully rebuilt it's best to get the bike as clean as you possibly can, be able to access parts of the frame and fork that would other wise be hindered by components.

Building the bike back up with the new 11spd 105 was a treat, it really is a great groupset the gear shifts are crisp and the cables are smooth. With fresh bar tape and a final off the stand check it was good to go. Check it out below! We think its beautiful.

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